40mm drawer slide factory in good quality for Saudi Arabia2022-03-04T06:30:37+00:00
40 MM DRAWER SLIDE FACTORYA. Good and Stable Quality From 2016 Into Saudi Arabia B. OEM For Your BrandC. Quick Delivery Time -1 Week 1 ContainerD. Factory To Door ServiceE. Direct PriceCONTACT US
4008 drawer slide manufacture drawer channel40mm-drawer-slide-factory-good-quality
shrink-plastic-polybag-with-paper-carddrawer slide packing-with-polybag

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Contact US

    Our cooperation relationship with Aniapro is now 7 years and we continue to rely on their professional experience in supporting our competitive business environment. I like their quick and professional response on my every inquiry. Good job!

    Francine M***, Saudi Arabia

    Super team! I really appreciate you everything this year: Quick action, stable delivery, quality control, being very patient.

    Kang Sang***, South Korea

    Aniapro’s depth of experience in design and engineering solutions make sure that our every idea come true. Thanks for 5+ years support especially the hard time in 2020. Let’s come for a better 2021.

    Michael Ali***, Kuwait
    What’s MOQ?2022-03-03T09:06:13+00:00

    MOQ is a 20 foot container for mixed goods such as hinge, drawer slide, handle etc.

    What’s Factory to Door Service?2022-03-03T09:01:36+00:00

    If you are first time import from China, we can help customs clearance and send the goods to your warehouse.

    How can I confirm the quality of products?2022-03-03T08:52:58+00:00

    Before order, we will send you samples from our houseware; When processing, we will show you how it produce and checked one by one; Before shipment, we can let the third-party QC team checking fully again.

    How Long I Can Get My Goods?2022-03-03T08:47:05+00:00

    When you order and pay the deposit, 35-50 days you can get the goods.

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