soft close /Hydraulic hinges with two or four hole plate

●Product Name: Clip on soft close concealed hinges / Hydraulic hinges

●Brand: AniaPro

●Model NO.: A3563

●Material: Cold rolled steel

●Surface treatment: Nickel plated

●Diameter of hinge cup: 35mm

●Holes pitch: 48mm / 52mm

●Height of base plate: H=0, H=2, H=4

●Opening angel: 95-110 degree

●Type: Full Overlay, Half Overlay, Inset

●Package: Bulk package / 2pcs per poly bag / 1pcs per poly bag / as customized

●Application: Home furniture cabinet, wardrobe door, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinet door, office furniture, etc

●Cycle test: 50000 times

●Salt spray test: more than 24hours

Clip-on-soft-close-hinges-2Clip-on-soft-close-hinges-3Types of hydraulic hinges

Clip-on-hydraulic-hinge/soft close hinge

●The most attractive advantage for the clip on soft close hinge is its clip on design, with which you can easily assemble the hinge body to the hinge plate with just softly pressing on the end of the hinges.

●Another attractive point for the hinge is the soft close design. With the AniaPro high quality damper, you will find it is a very pleased experience closing the cabinet door: gently and without any noise.

●Good quality material with automated production can make the hinges with better working performance of more than 50000 times cycle test.

●Can be adjusted easily up and down or left and right by screwdriver.


To ensure the long working life for the cabinet door hinges, please pay attention to the following points when using the short arm hinges:

●Please do not polish or paint the hinges;

●Please do not use steel short arm hinges in water environment;

●Please do not force the cabinet door to exceed the short arm hinges’ maximum opening angle.

●Please do not use different type of hinges for one door.

We offer various package method for your choice:

●Bulk package: 250pcs per poly bag per carton

●Small poly bag package: 1pcs or 2pcs per poly bag, 250pcs per carton

●As customized: You can send us your requirements and design then we make the hinges package as you like

How to install the hinges on a cabinet door? Please see following detailed hinges installation instruction:

●First you should work out the number of hinges that you need for your cabinet door: Usually a door of 60mm high have 2 hinges each door. Taller doors or heavier doors should have more hinges.

●Fit the hinge cup into the hole in the cabinet door and screw on the hinge cup at right angle.

●Hold the cabinet door to the side board in the right place, mark the position of screws holes, then separate the hinges plate from the hinges body by just press on the clip on design.

●Mounting the hinge plate to the side board with screws.

●Assemble the hinge body and plate together by press on the end of the hinge.

●Adjust the hinge to right position by screws and then tighten the screws.

●Now go to the second hinges and install it in the same way.

how to install Clip on soft close concealed hinges / Hydraulic hinges

Clip on soft close concealed hinges / Hydraulic hinges installation instruction

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